"Transmissions" is in stores now! It’s always surreal to put your music out into the world. 10 months of work have gone into this record from the time we started writing the first group of demos up to now. Thank you to everyone that has been so patient and stuck with us through all of it.

This music doesn’t belong to the 6 of us anymore. It belongs to the rest of the world now. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it. Please spread the word.

- Throw The Fight (Ryan, James, Jeff, Brandt, Kris, Kade)

Get it on CD at MerchNow (w/ exclusive merch), Best Buy, FYE, Amazon, Cargo (DE), Plastichead (UK), or download at iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google, eMusic, or BandCamp.

If you’re looking for one of the BEST melodic metal
records of the year, give Transmissions a spin.
— New Noise Magazine
Ryan BaustertComment